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Footloose Rehearsals

The Xaverian Brothers High School Theater Arts Club produces two co-ed shows each year. Female students from area schools are invited to audition for our productions. This Spring, the Theater Arts Club is working hard on their musical production of Footloose!

Footloose will run on March 17, 18, 19 at 7:30pm in the XBHS theater. Here are some photos from yesterday’s rehearsal. Enjoy! (Click a photo to view on Facebook)






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It’s a Wonderful Life

Mr. Cavanaugh, Fall Drama Production Manager

Thank you to everyone who attended Live at the X, the performance arts events produced by the Fine Arts Department. Mr. Belmonte and I would also like to congratulate all of the students who participated. It was a fun filled evening featuring music, poetry, and theater acts.

One of the acts you can see here through the magic of technology! Here, seniors Peter Bettinelli and Jon Smith perform a scene as Mr. Potter and everyone’s favorite George Bailey from our Fall Drama, It’s A Wonderful Life.

Like what you see? Well then, you should come see show in its entirety next Friday and Saturday, November 19 & 20,  at Xaverian! Our show starts at 7:30 sharp so bring a date and don’t be late! Tickets are $10 and will be available at the door starting at 7:00. In addition to our Fall Drama, you will have the opportunity to see our Jazz Combo perform as well as a Student Art Show. Where I’m from, they call that a three-fah!

If you have any questions, please email me Hope to see you there!


From The Archives (2)

Editor’s note: Thousands of photos have been taken since Xaverian Brothers High School was founded in 1963. Many are in storage at here at Xaverian, and many are sent to us from alumni and friends. Here are some of those photos!

Stick save and a beauty!

Alumni: which was better, new lockers or old lockers?

A sea of strings at liturgy

Is Brother Dan reluctantly raffling off his Jackie Chan poster?

Students hang out on the old bleachers

The hawk happily announces a missed field goal

Everything must go!

This is either a photo of the practice field construction, or a homerun by Tom Stack-Babich in 2004

Do you recognize this former site of a current building?

Seniors in the old theater

Hawks at liturgy...anybody know when this photo was taken?

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Why Xaverian?

By Kevin Loftus ’05, Assistant Director of Admissions

Last month the Admissions Office and Director of Communications teamed up with Cramer Production Company of Norwood to shoot a new Open House video. When we began the assignment, our vision was clear: we wanted to capture the heart of our community in a way that was simple, effective, and authentic.

This minimalist approach allowed our students to do the talking. We interviewed twenty students in two days, and after logging about three hours of footage, we had to trim down to four minutes of content.

In the video, we ask our students three questions: Why did you choose Xaverian? What do you like most about Xaverian? What has Xaverian done for you?

Three simple questions provided us with an enormous range of answers, and after watching the final product, you’ll see that Xaverian is an exceptional place, full of opportunities, and bursting with promise. Enjoy!

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LIVE@theX: (bing) We will now begin the process of entertaining you (A blog written by Mr. Belmonte)

Mr. Belmonte helps Connor Bergschneider practice his piano.

Hello world, Mr. Belmonte here. It’s time once again for LIVE@theX, our student performance series occurring four times a year and featuring both musical and theatrical talent from all parts of the Xaverian Community. Those of you in our Alumni audience will remember these events as Classical Café and XNL. Why the new name? Simple. It’s not all classical and we’re no longer servin’ up food.

What we are servin’ up is a heaping helping of Arts and Entertainment. At this LIVE@theX you can look forward to a little folk, a little jazz, a little poetry, a few numbers from our jazz combo and a few surprises as well.

The performance is Thursday, October 28, at 7PM in the XBHS Theater. As always, admission is free and all are welcome. In the words of Neil Diamond, “pack up the babies, grab the old ladies, and everyone goes!” We hope to see you there. Students interested in auditioning for LIVE@theX performances should see me or Mr. Cavanaugh in the music center.

"a little folk, a little jazz, a little poetry, a few numbers from our jazz combo and a few surprises as well."

Oh and while i’ve got your attention, be sure to mark your calendars now for an upcoming event. You won’t want to miss our LIVE@theX: A Brother Dan Christmas! on Thursday, Dec. 8.


Interview With Ryan Howard, Science Teacher

Editor’s Note: Ryan Howard, Science Teacher sat down with Assistant Director of Admissions Kevin Loftus to talk about  the new schoolyear, and some great events produced by the Science Department.

Kevin Loftus (KL) : I’m here with Ryan Howard, Science Teacher here at Xaverian. Mr. Howard, how long have you been a member of the Xaverian community?

Mr. Howard helping a student after school

Ryan Howard (RH) : I came to Xaverian in 2002, upon the completion of my master’s degree in chemistry from Boston College.

KL: Has a lot changed since then?

RH: Yes! The science department has worked hard to improve our curriculum, and increase the amount of technology in our labs. The Vernier digital probes have really enhanced our lab curriculum.

KL: How about the students? Have they changed at all?

RH: I’m amazed at the passion many students have for science. That’s why we started the Science Lecture Series.

KL: What is the Science Lecture Series all about?

RH: The goal is to show our students the exciting things that are happening in the world of science.  These aren’t career talks, they’re research based lectures.  It’s important for students to hear that people outside Xaverian share their enthusiasm for science.

KL: How long has the Science Lecture Series been going on?

RH: Well our first lecture was by Dr. Brian Wecht of MIT in 2006.  He did a lecture on string theory. His talk was so successful that we decided expand the program to a full series. Now we have three lectures a year.

KL: So who attends these lectures?

RH: All students can attend the lectures. Seniors get the most out of them because they’ve taken more science classes, but anyone can attend.

KL: Are the lectures open to the public as well?

RH: Yes, anyone is welcome to attend. General public will need to check in at the main office.  If anyone has questions about the science lectures they should contact Mr. Tassinari.

KL: What notable speakers have you had in the past?

The Xaverian Science Lecture Series drew a crowd last year

RH: The strength of the program is the diversity of the speakers and their topics.  Last year we had Tim Crowley, who coaches world class triathletes, discuss the use of technology in training.  We also had Dr. Joyce Sackey, Dean for Multicultural Affairs and Associate Professor of Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine discuss medical service trips in Africa.  We’ve also had lectures about financing pharmaceutical research, and also the use of robots in science.

KL: So what do you have planned for this year?

RH: Mr. Tassinari has been planning this year’s lecture series.  He has lined up three speakers: Dr. Mark Vesligaj, Dr. John Graham McCoy and Dr. Dennis Bernal

KL: When is the first lecture?

RH: The first one is Thursday, October 14th at 1:50 PM in the theater.  Dr. Mark Vesligaj of Quinebaug Valley Community College in Danielson, CT is the speaker.

KL: And what is the lecture about?

RH: Dr. Vesligaj is going to talk about Engineering and Medical Collaboration. His talk will highlight the importance of two different fields of science working together to solve a problem. More specifically, engineers and doctors combining their efforts to improve diagnosis and treatment for patients with Hemodialysis.

KL: Sounds interesting, I’ll see you on the 14th!