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“Mr. Dacey’s “E block” is on the case”


By Robbie Degre ’13


On Thursday, September 13, students were heading to class at Xaverian when they caught sight of the Biology lab covered with police tape! Upon looking inside the room, several skilled teams of investigators were seen examining what appeared to be crime scenes.



These investigators were actually seniors engaging in a lab for their forensics class with Mr Steve Dacey. Each group of students was given a mock crime scene and was put to work measuring, documenting and sketching it.



Each scene had a taped body outline, some “blood” drops, potential murder weapons and potential clues for the students to find.



The lab was a big hit, amongst students and teachers. With the schools new Bring Your Own Device program, students were able to use laptops, and tablets to more accurately depict the scenes. “I had a great time working on this lab, and our group was actually able to make a computerized model of the scene using my tablet,” says Mickey Cashman ’13.



 Photos taken by: Robert Degre ’13 (above right), Mickey Cashman ’13 (above middle) and Mr. Dacey.


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