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Liam Driscoll, Senior Class President

Hometown: Hingham, Mass.

Liam Driscoll has high hopes for his senior year. Get good grades, play hard on the football and lacrosse field and use his role as senior class president to bring about positive change at the school. Ever since he enrolled in Xaverian, Liam has been devoted to being a leader and a role model at the school. He immediately got involved in student council as a freshman, became freshman class president and has been class president ever since.

Liam devotes hours of his time to student council, feeling that if he is going to encourage his classmates to come to events (with increased participation being a primary goal of his) than he needs to be there as well. Liam almost never misses an event.

This year, Liam hopes to improve overall community engagement and participation at school events. He also wants to improve the recycling program and create more incentives and competitions between grades, and is looking into moving things like the student bulletin online.

Liam is committed to play lacrosse at Holy Cross in Fall 2013

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