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Starting Off On The Right Foot

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“Let Xaverian pull you in,” Liam Driscoll, student government president, encouraged the 216 freshmen as he addressed them during the opening of their freshman orientation on Wednesday, September 5. He and 180 junior and senior volunteers came to help guide them through their first hours at Xaverian. Along with their new classmates, the students were lead through their first day by faculty, administrators and campus ministers. They were encouraged to start their time at Xaverian with a positive attitude and strive for their best, ensuring them that this would make their time at Xaverian a success.

Freshman Day of Awareness, held on Thursday, September 6, introduced the Class of 2016 to the Xaverian Christian community.  Through varied activities conducted in a day away from Xaverian at a local parish, the student is welcomed into the community and given the opportunity to interact with his classmates. The day includes experiences of conversation, recreation and prayer.

During the closing ceremony, the Xaverian community gathered and extended their hands in prayer over the freshmen, welcoming them into the community.

Students were also given wristbands with the spiritual values of the Xaverian charism: humility, trust, zeal, compassion and simplicity. Click here to see photos of these two days.

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