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National Merit Commended Students

Eight seniors have been selected as commended students in the 2013 National Merit® Scholarship Program. The students included are: Giovanni Aguila, John Greeley, John Hathaway, Stephen Lacman, Jeffrey Letourneau, Henry Light, Robert Palladino and Conor Biagiotti.

About 34,000 commended students throughout the nation are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Commended students placed among the top five percent of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2013 competition by taking the 2011 preliminary SAT/​National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

A week earlier, Senior Geoffrey Martello was selected as a semifinalist in the 2013 National Merit® Scholarship Program. For more on Geoffrey’s accomplishment click here.


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National Merit Semifinalist

Senior Geoffrey Martello has been selected as a semifinalist in the 2013 National Merit® Scholarship Program. He was selected as a semifinalist by scoring among the highest in Massachusetts and in the nation on the 2011 Preliminary SAT (PSAT). Only 16,000 seniors across the nation are selected as semifinalists out of the 1.5 million juniors who took the 2011 PSAT.

Geoffrey will now have the opportunity to become a finalist and to receive one of the three different kinds of Merit Scholarship awards. 8,300 scholarships are being offered to help pay for higher education for these merit scholars (2,500 state representational, 1,000 corporate-sponsored and 4,800 college-sponsored).

“We are very proud of Geoffrey’s achievement,” says Headmaster Brother Daniel Skala, CFX. “He is an outstanding young man who is joining a long list of Xaverian scholars who have been named national merit semifinalists and finalists over the last several years.”

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College Fair

On Monday, September 17, students entered a gym full of colleges, 94 in total. Colleges attending the fair included New England Catholic colleges, as well as Bates College, the University of Chicago, and a number of southern and west coast schools. Click here to see more photos.

The next College Fair will take place on Monday, October 1.

In addition to college fairs, many colleges visit Xaverian to meet with interested students in a group setting. Colleges that will be at Xaverian next week include: Wednesday, September 19: Marquette University, 8:30 a.m. and Friday, September 21: Anna Maria College, 8:30 a.m. Students, with permission from their teachers, must sign up in Naviance Family Connection 24 hours in advance to attend.

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CSI Xaverian

“Mr. Dacey’s “E block” is on the case”


By Robbie Degre ’13


On Thursday, September 13, students were heading to class at Xaverian when they caught sight of the Biology lab covered with police tape! Upon looking inside the room, several skilled teams of investigators were seen examining what appeared to be crime scenes.



These investigators were actually seniors engaging in a lab for their forensics class with Mr Steve Dacey. Each group of students was given a mock crime scene and was put to work measuring, documenting and sketching it.



Each scene had a taped body outline, some “blood” drops, potential murder weapons and potential clues for the students to find.



The lab was a big hit, amongst students and teachers. With the schools new Bring Your Own Device program, students were able to use laptops, and tablets to more accurately depict the scenes. “I had a great time working on this lab, and our group was actually able to make a computerized model of the scene using my tablet,” says Mickey Cashman ’13.



 Photos taken by: Robert Degre ’13 (above right), Mickey Cashman ’13 (above middle) and Mr. Dacey.

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Senior Class President

Liam Driscoll, Senior Class President

Hometown: Hingham, Mass.

Liam Driscoll has high hopes for his senior year. Get good grades, play hard on the football and lacrosse field and use his role as senior class president to bring about positive change at the school. Ever since he enrolled in Xaverian, Liam has been devoted to being a leader and a role model at the school. He immediately got involved in student council as a freshman, became freshman class president and has been class president ever since.

Liam devotes hours of his time to student council, feeling that if he is going to encourage his classmates to come to events (with increased participation being a primary goal of his) than he needs to be there as well. Liam almost never misses an event.

This year, Liam hopes to improve overall community engagement and participation at school events. He also wants to improve the recycling program and create more incentives and competitions between grades, and is looking into moving things like the student bulletin online.

Liam is committed to play lacrosse at Holy Cross in Fall 2013

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Starting Off On The Right Foot

“Let Xaverian pull you in,” Liam Driscoll, student government president, encouraged the 216 freshmen as he addressed them during the opening of their freshman orientation on Wednesday, September 5. He and 180 junior and senior volunteers came to help guide them through their first hours at Xaverian. Along with their new classmates, the students were lead through their first day by faculty, administrators and campus ministers. They were encouraged to start their time at Xaverian with a positive attitude and strive for their best, ensuring them that this would make their time at Xaverian a success.

Freshman Day of Awareness, held on Thursday, September 6, introduced the Class of 2016 to the Xaverian Christian community.  Through varied activities conducted in a day away from Xaverian at a local parish, the student is welcomed into the community and given the opportunity to interact with his classmates. The day includes experiences of conversation, recreation and prayer.

During the closing ceremony, the Xaverian community gathered and extended their hands in prayer over the freshmen, welcoming them into the community.

Students were also given wristbands with the spiritual values of the Xaverian charism: humility, trust, zeal, compassion and simplicity. Click here to see photos of these two days.