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Xaverian Freshmen Study the Impact of Globalization

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Students showed off their work at the Human Geography Globalization Capstone Project presentation in the gym today. The freshmen course, which has been taught at Xaverian for three years, is an innovative and exciting way to teach students about the interconnectedness of our world and the challenges presented by the past, present and future societies. The students displayed their projects, and spent time walking around to learn from the many exhibits that their fellow classmates had created.

“This is an exciting event to be a part of,” says Jonathan Kelly, Social Studies Department Chair. “To see the creative energy and enthusiasm that our students demonstrated today is extremely rewarding as educators. This project is a culmination of the hard work, critical thinking skills and collaborative efforts that our students have put forth throughout the year.”

The purpose of this project was to help students understand the impact of globalization. Students were researched various topics such as education, environment and pop culture and determine what effect globalization has on different regions throughout the world.

For more on Xaverian Brothers High School academics, visit the Xaverian academics news page.


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