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Awareness Week: Invisible Children

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Image provided by Invisible Children

From “X-Press” Weekly Campus Ministry News

During the week November 7, The Ryken Global Awareness Committee will be sponsoring a week-long awareness and advocacy program  highlighting an initiative called Invisible Children, an organization started in 2003 by three young filmmakers who traveled in northern Uganda, as well its neighboring countries.

Struck by the violence and horror of what was happening there, they began making documentaries highlighting the conflict and injustices in the region, focusing specifically on the issue of children in the area who are either murdered or kidnapped and brainwashed through violence by a group called the Lord’s Resistance Army.

These children are then used in a civil war that has lasted for twenty-six years in Uganda. Invisible Children’s hope is to spread the stories of these children to the world to incite action by individuals and governments to stop the violence.

The Ryken Global Awareness Committee got involved with Invisible Children because of Senior Chris Swansey who attended the Fourth Estate conference in San Diego this summer and has since been organizing his friends to raise awareness and funds for Invisible Children.

Each day of Awareness Week will have a theme focusing on the history of the conflict, what is happening presently, and what we as a school community and as individuals can do. On Wednesday, Movement Director Zach Barrows will be coming to speak at an all school assembly about his story of  involvement and the stories of the many people he has met who have been affected by the crisis in Uganda.

In preparation for the week, theology classes will focus on the background of the conflict and will view the documentary Tony (available through Campus Ministry and on ask for the community’s support and prayers as we undergo this week of reflection and advocacy for children who desperately need our prayers and help.


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