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Physics Class Trebuchet Lab

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Last week all Juniors taking Physics participated in a department-wide trebuchet competition. The students were split into pairs, and had to construct their own siege engine according to teacher-provided guidelines. After all students had turned in their final masterpieces, students battled to decide who’s trebuchet was the best in each class. Competitions included distance and accuracy. Once a class champion was crowned, the winners went head to head in a final “battle” round of competition.

“I really enjoyed seeing the energy and enthusiasm the students brought to the project,” said Physics teacher David Eggli (Whose class ultimately won the competition). Junior class champions Peter Dailey and Luke Walsh admitted that “building the trebuchet was more difficult than we thought it would be, but the competition was a lot of fun”. All students seemed to enjoy putting their knowledge of potential energy, kinetic energy, and projectile motion to use in the exercise. While there was no prize (other than a good grade) given to the trebuchet champions of 2011, Peter and Luke agreed that bragging rights are enough!

(Editor’s Note: Click the photos to view the complete Facebook album)

Junior class trebuchet champions Peter Dailey and Luke Walsh take aim.

Mr. Eggli helped set up a tower of cups which served as a target during the final round of competition.

Even though there was only one winning team, everybody had fun.


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