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Life at Xaverian: Photos

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At Xaverian Brothers High School, there’s always a way to get involved. Here are some photos from life at Xaverian.

Sean McCarthy ’12, Devon Galvin ’12, and Greg Cameron ’12 adjust their trebuchets during Mr. Eggli’s Physics class. The final launching competition will be held on Tuesday after school in the gym.

Anif McDonald ’12 delivered a speech to his classmates while campaigning for the Senior Class Presidency. Anif won the election!

John Greeley ’13, Matt Key ’13, Mike McKay ’14, Chip Broderick ’14, Conor Bogue ’13, Kevin Martignetti ’14, John Rice ’13, Dimitri Kofides ’13, and Stephen Zorn ’14 pose for a quick photo on the way to rugby practice.

Chang Soo Lim ’11 keeps his form during tennis practice.

A tradition during the last day of classes for Seniors, Mr. Belmonte doles out samples of Moxie, one of the oldest popular soft drinks in America. Joe Lorusso ’11 lines up for his cup after a jazz band rehearsal.

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