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Parent Survey Results By Headmaster Brother Dan Skala

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Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from our April eXpressions newsletter. To see more stories, photos, and upcoming events in the newsletter, click here.

In January, Xaverian invited all parents to participate in an online research survey. We believe it is important to understand your priorities and how you view the school. This is our fourth survey since 2007, and we review results over time to uncover patterns or changes in what you value. Our parents are discerning consumers, whose confidence in a Xaverian Brothers education is part of the momentum carrying the school forward.

The most recent survey confirms some of what we have always known, and I want to thank you for your participation and feedback. There is very good news in the data, and all of us are impressed by the levels of satisfaction by our parents. In this edition of eXpressions, I will summarize key findings and share some thoughts about how we will use the information to guide our strategic planning.

One of the purposes of the survey was to collect data on re-enrollment and 93% indicated they “will” or “probably will” remain at XBHS for the next year compared with 79% for the other independent school parents who completed the survey. More than 5,000 independent schools across the US were invited to participate so there is a large population for comparison purposes.

When asked to rate the value of the Xaverian Brothers education your son is receiving for the tuition paid, 94% of parents rated the value “excellent” or ” good”  (compared to 87% of the National sample). 5.5% rated it “average” or” below average.”

You were also asked to rate the level of importance of certain factors in your re-enrollment decisions on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). The key driver in making this decision continues to be the quality of faculty and the academic program and were consistent with all our other surveys!

Faculty caring and concern           4.58 (mean)

Academic rigor                            4.57

Faculty expertise                         4.46

Safety of your son                       4.43

Individual attention                   4.33

School-to-home communication    4.23

Extracurricular/club activities        4.06

Social issues in the class               4.02

Sports Offerings                           3.83

Survey results affirm Xaverian’s approach to the full development of your son. Our academic offerings are structured to build an excellent foundation for college and to encourage development of special interests. The Xaverian focus on the dignity of each person and the importance of respect for self and others can be seen in the way faculty takes the time to get to know your son. They guide and support him through the many challenges of adolescence. For us, living a good life is neither abstract nor unattainable, but is incarnated in the real world and ordinary circumstances of our lives. We honor a tradition that is centuries old, and holds the promise of God’s creative spirit in the present. We expect your son to become an active, responsible, and happy young man who understands that every small thing he does has the power to transform him and our world. As one grandmother wrote to me recently, “I sent you a very young lad four years ago. Thank you for the fine young man you and the staff are giving back to us.”

The survey data helps us understand better why families choose Xaverian and the values we share. Our greatest challenge is to avoid complacency and not be satisfied with the status quo. While honoring tradition we must be innovative as we meet the unique needs of your son. There is more data, which we will discuss at our upcoming Parents’ Council Meeting, May 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria.

Over the past year we have developed a plan to improve communication through the school’s website. Beginning next fall and continuing for two years we will be adopting a new website and software so that families may find the depth of information you seek quickly. Much learning is already taking place with social media and web applications for students and faculty to access information, share content and form communities. We are developing a comprehensive plan to provide the skills, tools, and resources your son will need for technological literacy in college and beyond. These initiatives, as well as new courses in technology, science, Chinese, Honors and Advanced Placement electives, campus ministry programs, and athletic opportunities are designed with special care to serve the needs of a highly talented and diverse student body.

With your support, we will remain faithful to our mission as an outstanding Catholic college-preparatory school. We will continue to give your son the very best education possible. It is a privilege to partner with you as we share the task God has given us to inspire your son to a full life of learning, faith, and service.

God Bless you and your son.


Brother Daniel Skala, C.F.X., PH.D.

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