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Teaching Spanish at Blessed Sacrament School

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By Mark Fitton ’11

During the final weeks in March, the Spanish National Honors Society made two trips to the Blessed Sacrament School in Walpole. There, XBHS Juniors and Seniors tutored students from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades in Spanish. I happened to be one of the lucky students that had the chance to get involved with the Blessed Sacrament tutoring sessions.

Along with friends Rob, Harrison, Carlos, and Spanish NHS coordinator Mrs. Shatas, we visited the elementary school in Walpole on the 29th of March. Our job was to teach the young students how to speak about transportation, numbers, colors, and weather in Spanish. We brought handfuls of coloring pages featuring Dora the Explorer, as well as flash cards with the English and Spanish translations of different kinds of weather.

For about an hour and a half, we had the class of approximately thirty students repeat numbers from zero to 100, weather, colors, and types of transportation. I have never seen kids so eager to shout words in Spanish and be the first one to get the right answer. Meanwhile, they colored the sheets that illustrated the different words they were saying.

To end our stay at Blessed Sacrament, we played a giant game of Bingo, testing the children on what they had just learned. Working with these kids showed all of us how we can help the community with what we have learned at school. I loved reaching out to these kids and having fun while doing so.


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