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From The Archives: Name that teacher!


Editor’s note: Thousands of photos have been taken since Xaverian Brothers High School was founded in 1963. Many are in storage here at Xaverian, and many are sent to us from alumni and friends. Here are some of those photos! (Click the photos to view them on Facebook. For more alumni resources, visit our website. )


5 thoughts on “From The Archives: Name that teacher!

  1. I’ve got P. Penza top left, C. Morse bottom right, Mr Glinsky to his right. That’s all I got.

  2. Sitting: Mr. Salimbene, Mr. Glinski, Mr. Morse
    Standing: Mr. Penza, Mr. Connor, Mr. Higgins (?)

    Year: 1977(?)

  3. You cut of Brother Robert Wickman!

  4. Sorry – technical difficulties, Chuck…All better now

  5. ANSWER: Pictured in 1982, Phil Penza, Kevin Connors, Brian Newhall, Frank Salimbene, Jim Glinski, Court Morse and Brother Robert Wickman.

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