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By Senior Harrison Pidgeon

On the Thursday night before February vacation, twenty-six of my senior classmates and I participated in the Senior Retreat. For the next twenty-four hours, we were pulled away from our busy lives at school and at home to spend time reflecting on our past four years at Xaverian, as well as where we were headed. This gave us a chance to relax and to have fun as well.


Senior Harrison Pidgeon leads a discussion with his classmates.

Since many of the seniors on the retreat are leaders for some of the underclassman retreats, Senior Retreat allowed us to lie back and to actually participate in the retreat. The biggest difference between this retreat and all the other ones I have done through Xaverian was that we were treated completely like seniors. We had a lot of freedom and the focus of the retreat was on us, the seniors.

Honestly, going into Senior Retreat, I had low expectations. I have been on at least ten different retreats through school, and I did not see how this one could be any different. I was pleasantly surprised when we were presented with the plan for the retreat. It was not so much that there were the adult leaders and the senior participants; it was more like everyone was trying to enjoy each other’s company together.

For me, staying up way too late the night we were on retreat just solidified the knowledge that I am proud to say my classmates are more than my friends. They are my brothers.


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