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The common, unspectacular SNOW of everyday life

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Students are immersed in a quiet reflection exercise during Sophomore Faith Experience (Photo by Bob Gill).

By Chad Puclowski, Campus Minister

This past Thursday and Friday was the first Sophomore Faith Experience of the new year, after two had to be postponed due to inclement weather.

Just as the winter weather has presented unique challenges for all of us in terms of covering our curriculum, holding athletic practices and contests, and running extracurricular activities, the winter landscape of ice and snow that awaited the retreat in Wareham presented obstacles to activities often taken for granted as part of the retreat experience.

Beneath the hardships that we have all faced this month, there is a subtle beauty in being stopped dead in our tracks. Just as the Sophomore Faith challenged students to take time to stop and reflect on their relationships, being grounded by the weather can provide time for personal prayer and reflection.

The theme of Sophomore Faith comes from the Fundamental Principles of the Brothers of St. Francis Xavier: “If you allow yourself to be formed by God through the common, ordinary, unspectacular flow of everyday life, you will gradually experience a liberation and a freedom never before imagined.”

The weather and its associated snow days have provided distractions for students and faculty alike, but in this lies the challenge to see Christ in the ordinary: in the beauty of the snow—even in the hardships it brings—and most importantly in our common, daily interactions.

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