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Xaverian Accepts Rachel’s Challenge

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Written by: John Morton ’11

With absolute certainty today was the best Awareness Day I have experienced in my four years here at Xaverian. The Awareness Day focused on the life of Rachel Scott, the first person killed at the Columbine shooting of April 1999. Her brother Mike Scott who said, “It is not an easy story for me to recall but I do it in her memory and for the challenge”, made the presentation.

This challenge exists in the name of the organization that Rachel inspired: Rachel’s Challenge. Today, her brother Mike explained what Rachel’s Challenge was founded on and its five challenges that exist within it. These challenges exist to foster growth, both spiritually and emotionally, with others. These challenges focus on recognizing those in our lives that need more attention and need more love. Rachel certainly epitomized that in her own life. For instance she would bring friends over to sit with a new girl who had recently lost her mother or by defending a disabled boy amidst taunting by others. In fact, this boy (who has become a friend of the Scott family) would have committed suicide if not for the efforts of Rachel to be his friend. Rachel’s life demonstrates that simple acts of kindness toward others truly lead others to be more aware of those in need not only in our communities at school but in our world as well.

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