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Eric Gesimondo ’10 Explains How Xaverian Prepared Him For College

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I am forever a proud member of the Xaverian Brothers High School class of 2010. Currently, I ‘m a freshman at Elon University in North Carolina. Going to college has made me realize the impact that Xaverian had, and still has on my life every day.

Eric Gesimondo ’10 is now a Freshman at Elon University in North Carolina

The most effective skill I learned from Xaverian is the ability to interact with others. I am able to engage in meaningful and intellectual conversations that others often shy away from. Xaverian instills the social skills necessary for college, the workplace and beyond through campus ministry, sports teams, and classroom experiences. I absolutely believe that Xaverian graduates have an advantage over all students entering college.

Academically, Xaverian puts its students in a position that is ideal for a high school graduate.  Entering Elon, I knew Xaverian prepared me for the hardest most challenging days of college that lay in the future. I learned the skills and practices that make college students successful. Xaverian teaches students how to study, not memorize, how to be mindful, not ignorant, and how to be an engaged learner, not a distracted one. Putting the time in at Xaverian pays off everyday.

Xaverian opens minds of students to be able to think unconventionally. Graduates possess knowledge of one’s self, others, and the world. I feel I have the ability to make respectful, mature and moral decisions. Through diverse teaching and practices at Xaverian, students are opened to the greater world and indulged in diverse experiences that eliminate ignorance. Students are taught to utilize their individual gifts and be able to positively contribute to group work and their classes.

I am tremendously proud to call myself a Xaverian Brothers High School graduate. I honestly believe I will be a part of the Xaverian community forever. Without the Xaverian Brothers High School experience, I would not have the same life I have today.

Let’s go X!


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