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What type of student is Xaverian looking for?

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The admissions department is often asked “what type of student is Xaverian looking for?” I like to use Brother Dan Skala’s answer who often says “we are not looking for the perfect student; none of us are perfect. We consider a wide range of students.”

Yes, we at Xaverian are fortunate to attract many academically strong students each year, but we also enroll a lot of students who have not hit their stride academically and are willing to work hard to do so, young men who have not realized their full potential as a student, or feel they need the structure and support we provide.

If you are concerned about your chances of being admitted please contact us, we are open to talking with any young man who feels he could benefit from a Xaverian education. We are happy to counsel you on opportunities, expectations, and admissibility.

Applying to Xaverian is a step-by-step process all of it non-binding until the March 15th commitment deadline. If you are still unsure if Xaverian is the school for you please come take a tour (every Tuesday after school at 3:00 PM) or spend the day as part of our “hawk for a day program” where you can shadow a current freshman on a typical school day. You can even sample the lunch that day for free as our guest.

It is only $30 to take the entrance exam (Saturday December 11th) and free to apply.

Applying to high school does not have to be a stressful experience; take it one step at a time and ask for help when you need it.

As I always say my title is Director of Admissions not Director of Rejections.

Tim McDonough, Director of Admissions, Xaverian Brothers High School


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Xaverian Brothers High School, a Catholic college-preparatory school for boys. Drawing on the traditions of the past, living in the strength of the present and preparing for the needs of the future, Xaverian Brothers High School is a community of faith and learning that is committed to developing the integration of spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, emotional, cultural and social dimensions within each young man. Through participation in academic, extracurricular, athletic and campus ministry programs, a Xaverian graduate will be prepared to meet the demands of higher education, to contribute to society, and to answer the call of Christian service.

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