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Marine Biology Class Visits Mystic Aquarium

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Editor’s Note: Mr. Connolly’s Marine Biology Class made its annual visit to Mystic Aquarium in Mystic Connecticut. Senior Nick Rampino photographed the day’s events.

Students get an underwater look at a Beluga Whale

Steller Sea Lions power themselves with their front flippers

A good look at a Steller Sea Lion's whiskers

Steller Sea Lions also have external ears

Temperate penguins at the Penguin Pavillion

Temperate penguins cannot stay outdoors in temperatures below 25 degrees

These penguins prefer moderate climates with cold water.

Venemous Lionfish

A Puffer fish

Students hope to attract sharks at the touch-tank

A Bamboo Shark

Students gather around the shark touch-tank

Students encounter a Bamboo Shark

An octopus hiding in a corner

Puffer fish swimming through coral

A fluorescent jellyfish exhibit

Moray Eels lurk at the bottom of their tank

A Gobie pokes out from under a rock

A Spider Crab in the touch-tank

A blue lobster

Students at the crab touch-tank

An injured Sea Turtle lives safely at the aquarium

A Stingray soars by

California Sea Lions put on a show

California Sea Lions can be pretty loud


External ears, long necks, power themselves with their front flippers, which differ from seals


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