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By Kevin Loftus ’05, Assistant Director of Admissions

Last month the Admissions Office and Director of Communications teamed up with Cramer Production Company of Norwood to shoot a new Open House video. When we began the assignment, our vision was clear: we wanted to capture the heart of our community in a way that was simple, effective, and authentic.

This minimalist approach allowed our students to do the talking. We interviewed twenty students in two days, and after logging about three hours of footage, we had to trim down to four minutes of content.

In the video, we ask our students three questions: Why did you choose Xaverian? What do you like most about Xaverian? What has Xaverian done for you?

Three simple questions provided us with an enormous range of answers, and after watching the final product, you’ll see that Xaverian is an exceptional place, full of opportunities, and bursting with promise. Enjoy!


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