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What type of student is Xaverian looking for?

The admissions department is often asked “what type of student is Xaverian looking for?” I like to use Brother Dan Skala’s answer who often says “we are not looking for the perfect student; none of us are perfect. We consider a wide range of students.”

Yes, we at Xaverian are fortunate to attract many academically strong students each year, but we also enroll a lot of students who have not hit their stride academically and are willing to work hard to do so, young men who have not realized their full potential as a student, or feel they need the structure and support we provide.

If you are concerned about your chances of being admitted please contact us, we are open to talking with any young man who feels he could benefit from a Xaverian education. We are happy to counsel you on opportunities, expectations, and admissibility.

Applying to Xaverian is a step-by-step process all of it non-binding until the March 15th commitment deadline. If you are still unsure if Xaverian is the school for you please come take a tour (every Tuesday after school at 3:00 PM) or spend the day as part of our “hawk for a day program” where you can shadow a current freshman on a typical school day. You can even sample the lunch that day for free as our guest.

It is only $30 to take the entrance exam (Saturday December 11th) and free to apply.

Applying to high school does not have to be a stressful experience; take it one step at a time and ask for help when you need it.

As I always say my title is Director of Admissions not Director of Rejections.

Tim McDonough, Director of Admissions, Xaverian Brothers High School


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From The Archives (5)

Editor’s note: Thousands of photos have been taken since Xaverian Brothers High School was founded in 1963. Many are in storage here at Xaverian, and many are sent to us from alumni and friends. Here are some of those photos! (Photos are also hosted on Facebook to accommodate tagging)









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Marine Biology Class Visits Mystic Aquarium

Editor’s Note: Mr. Connolly’s Marine Biology Class made its annual visit to Mystic Aquarium in Mystic Connecticut. Senior Nick Rampino photographed the day’s events.

Students get an underwater look at a Beluga Whale

Steller Sea Lions power themselves with their front flippers

A good look at a Steller Sea Lion's whiskers

Steller Sea Lions also have external ears

Temperate penguins at the Penguin Pavillion

Temperate penguins cannot stay outdoors in temperatures below 25 degrees

These penguins prefer moderate climates with cold water.

Venemous Lionfish

A Puffer fish

Students hope to attract sharks at the touch-tank

A Bamboo Shark

Students gather around the shark touch-tank

Students encounter a Bamboo Shark

An octopus hiding in a corner

Puffer fish swimming through coral

A fluorescent jellyfish exhibit

Moray Eels lurk at the bottom of their tank

A Gobie pokes out from under a rock

A Spider Crab in the touch-tank

A blue lobster

Students at the crab touch-tank

An injured Sea Turtle lives safely at the aquarium

A Stingray soars by

California Sea Lions put on a show

California Sea Lions can be pretty loud


External ears, long necks, power themselves with their front flippers, which differ from seals

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Student Reflection: Religious Diversity

This week, the Xaverian community is celebrating Awareness and Advocacy Week. The following is senior Alex Kradin’s reflection on a religious diversity talk by Rabbi David Paskin. Rabbi David is an accomplished spiritual leader and an award-winning Jewish educator. For more than a decade, David has served as full-time Spiritual Leader of Temple Beth Abraham in Canton, Massachusetts.

Xaverian Senior Alex Kradin

Being a Jew and attending a Catholic school was not the easiest decision.  However, I learned to embrace my Judaism. I went on various retreats and service experiences throughout my sophomore and junior year and continue to be an active member and leader in the Xaverian community. When I was helping plan diversity week with some fellow students I knew right away that I had a great idea for a speaker.

I suggested that my rabbi from my temple in Canton come speak for Xaverian’s religious diversity day. Having essentially grown up with the man I knew he’d be great. He is extremely down to earth and a mentor to me. In the days preceding his talk I began to get nervous, I did not want to take the blame for a talk that wasn’t good. Fortunately this was not the case as Rabbi David was well received by my classmates and the faculty that attended.

His talk impacted me a great deal; the moment I introduced him I knew it was going to be great, and the talk was unlike any awareness day I’ve had before. Rabbi David talked about the similarities and differences between the Catholic and Jewish faiths, but my favorite part was when it turned into a dialogue. About halfway through it became a question and answer session; the answer that struck most me was to the question, “do you have a strong connection to Israel?” Rabbi David answered yes, and talked about how he visits at least twice a year.

Rabbi David Paskin addressing Xaverian students

He told a compelling story of one visit to a hospital in northern Israel. When conflicting areas launch bombs at Israel an alarm goes off that is wired throughout the entire country. The bombs are so un-sophisticated that no one knows where they are going to land, hence the alarms. The hospital moved entire wards to the basement while David sat in the safe room watching, on video, the track of the bombs. One landed 200 meters away from the hospital and was felt throughout the building. I was inspired and I now hope to visit and do service in Israel.

Rabbi David delivered a stunning performance and ended with words that gave me the chills. “Learn a lot about your faith, and I mean a lot. And when you have learned, do one thing, challenge it!” I plan to live out the words of my Rabbi and am grateful to him for being a part of one of the most compelling awareness days I’ve ever had.

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Fine Arts Week Student Art Exhibit

Fine Arts Week began on Monday with a student art exhibit in the main foyer.

Xaverian has earned a Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing Award every year since 2002.

The exhibit included all kinds of student work. Everything from pencil sketches to 3D architecture models was on display.

The exhibit will be relocated to the cafeteria for an intermission exhibit during this weekend’s performances of  It’s a Wonderful Life.


From The Archives (3)

Editor’s note: Thousands of photos have been taken since Xaverian Brothers High School was founded in 1963. Many are in storage at here at Xaverian, and many are sent to us from alumni and friends. Here are some of those photos!

Mr. Lalli poses with a few friends

Members of the lacrosse team before a game

Mr. Baldassarre looks on as a student band performs in the cafeteria during a dance

Mousetrap cars in Physics class

Where is this game being played?

Mr. Lozzi prepares the bed of nails demonstration in Physics class