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From The Archives


Editor’s note: Thousands of photos have been taken since Xaverian Brothers High School was founded in 1963. Many are in storage at here at Xaverian, and many are sent to us from alumni and friends. Here are some of those photos!

Mr. Connolly is helping students study the human skeleton...or practicing a ventriloquist routine

Xaverian football team ready to compete (before the days of the X helmet logo).

Xaverian's lunch menu has definitely improved over the years...

Technology at Xaverian has improved quite a bit as well!

The original Xaverian bookstore featuring Mr. Higgins

The Xaverian hockey team moves the puck through the neutral zone

A rare shot of Mr. Lewis standing still!

2 thoughts on “From The Archives

  1. After taking a walk down memory lane with these photos, please consider talking to your school-age children about the seriousness and inappropriateness of bullying people who seem different. Thanks! – JSD, ’86

  2. Thanks for reading our blog and your comment! You’ll be happy to know that Xaverian now incorporates many Awareness days where bullying and respect for one another is constantly a theme. We recently had an alumni who works with the District Attorney’s office come to XBHS to discuss bullying on the internet with our parents – it’s working because in a recent survey, safety is one of the top reasons parents choose to send their sons to Xaverian

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