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Where do Xaverian students come from?

Xaverian Students arriving on campus

This time of year representatives from Xaverian, including me, attend a lot of school fairs and speak to middle school students and their families about Xaverian Brothers High School.  One of the most common questions we are asked in the admissions office is “Where do your students come from?” In the limited time we have to answer the question we are usually forced to say something generic such as “we draw students from over 80 communities.” Since I have more time and space here I thought it would be helpful to answer the question as specifically as possible. So here it is, the top ten towns represented at Xaverian Brothers High School:

Town                                     Number of current students
1. Franklin, MA                                         99
2. Norwood, MA                                        80
3. Walpole, MA                                          66
4. Dedham, MA                                         61
5. Norfolk, MA                                           55
6. Canton, MA                                            53
7. Boston, MA                                             38
*includes all Boston neighborhoods – Chelsea, West Roxbury, Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Mattapan
8. Mansfield, MA                                       35
9. Westwood, MA                                      32
10. Foxboro, MA                                       31
10. Wrentham, MA                                   31

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Although we are represented by over eighty different towns these ten make up over 60% of our student body.

We have students who come from as far south as Sandwich, Marshfield, and Bridgewater, as far west as Stow, Upton, and Hopkinton, and as far east as Chelsea. Adding to Xaverian’s geographic diversity some of our young men were born in China, South Korea, Bermuda, Russian, Haiti, India, Peru, Chile, Phillipines, and our neighbors to the north Canada.

All of this makes Xaverian a diverse and vibrant learning environment, but please don’t take my word for it, come visit us and find out.

Tim McDonough
Director of Admission
Xaverian Brothers High School



Welcome to our new school year!

By Brother Dan Skala, Headmaster

The Xaverian community gathers to celebrate the Mass of The Holy Spirit

Welcome to our new school year! I find the beginning of the school year invigorating as the enthusiasm of students, faculty, and parents is very strong. There is a great deal of promise and a definite sense of purpose. All of us  have plans to accomplish a lot and make this a great year. I am especially impressed with our freshman class of 263 boys who possess extraordinary gifts and talents. They have great potential and seem to be hard-working so we will hold them, like the rest of the school, to high standards. Of course, we will be sure to provide them with all the support they need to be successful. The faculty and administration is here to help the Class of 2014 dream big and achieve in the classroom, on the playing field, and on the performance stage. If they push themselves as other Xaverian Hawks who have come before them have, they will set new school records.

Although winning the prize is fun and very satisfying, Xaverian’s emphasis is on community and respect. Through the lively camaraderie of sports and activities our young men make strong friendships. I have already witnessed many small acts of kindness among the student body and faculty. Whether it’s helping a freshman open his locker or mentoring a younger classmate, this behavior creates a spirit of generosity and friendliness unique to our school. These gestures do not go unnoticed and have an impact that inspires all of us to do our best for one another. Everything we try to do at Xaverian helps us understand that we are part of something greater than ourselves and we belong to a special community. Everyone likes coming to school here. Really!

So I am excited to get on with the happy work of our school year. We will learn well and make some good friends. Yesterday we celebrated the Mass of the Holy Spirit where the entire school prayed together for one another, and we took time to listen to the promptings of the Spirit. Now, we are ready for the wonderful things that our surely to happen at Xaverian this year.